Saint Croix River Cabin

This treasured family hideaway is a demonstration of how the sensibility of a timeless cabin lifestyle can be preserved while providing modern day amenities. Working within strict scenic riverway guidelines, the project stays within the original footprint, while the construction of a new, steeper pitched roof allowed the conversion of the second floor children’s loft space into a new master suite, guest suite, and gracious laundry.

Builder: Reliable Builders

Cabinets: Frost Cabinets

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Saint Croix River Modern

Well-loved for decades, this 1,000 square-foot 1970 ranch house, nestled in the pines of the Saint Croix River bluffs, always had the valuable talent of getting out of the way.  For the owners, it was about being at the river, not inside the cabin.  After arriving one day to discover a burst water pipe had ruined much of the building, they decided major reconstruction was the best option. This led to a complete reconsideration of size, use, and aesthetic of the house. Still, the owners wanted to maintain that “out-of-the-way” feeling that endeared them to the original building.

The result was a clean, uncluttered, contemporary cabin in the woods. The addition of a main floor living room and the reconfiguration of existing spaces provided needed entertaining space, while large expanses of glass brought the scenic landscape inside.  The modern aesthetic is simple and subdued, and the use of natural materials makes for warm and inviting spaces.  Ultimately, the house provides an intimate refuge while encouraging communion with the idyllic Saint Croix River setting; something the family can enjoy throughout the year.

Builder: Patnode Contracting

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Summit Avenue Villa

The renovation of this 1924 Mediterranean villa, originally built as a duplex, has been an exciting and rewarding, two-year journey for its owners, architect, and builder. The new owners loved the duplex’s character and location but the building was worn out and deteriorated after 85 years. 

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