We are very excited about our newest kitchen remodel inside the historic EL Powers House!

Constructed in 1910, this house is a stunning example of Prairie School architecture, and one of the first projects undertaken by the renowned partnership between William Purcell and George Elmslie. The EL Powers House represents one of the most important facets of our local and national architectural heritage and is a shining example of a movement that had profound impact on residential design that endures today.

As is often the case in older houses, the kitchen had been modified in a manner opposed to its pedigree. It was problematic from aesthetic, functional, and historic standpoints.

Before EL Powers House kitchenBefore

We were asked to address these issues while also adhering to a couple governing principles. First and foremost, the renovated space had to fit seamlessly into its historic surroundings inside the EL Powers House while also functioning well for the owners’ busy, modern lives. Second, the project would follow the principles of historic preservation whenever possible.

By carefully considering the context, details, and overall aesthetic of the building, we arrived at a solution that not only addressed the program, but also pays respectful and honest tribute to the house and the stylistic movement to which it belongs. The kitchen is not a copy or restoration of the original, but a synthesis of modern needs, historically sensitive details, and Prairie doctrine.

Minneapolis EL Powers House

Historic Minneapolis EL Powers House Kitchen

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