Due to the ongoing challenges posed by Covid-19, the Homes by Architects Tour 2020 will be virtual this year and will run from September 26- October 10 online. However, this doesn’t mean the tour will be any less thrilling than previous years. In fact, the tour will be broadened by the capabilities only the Internet can bring, opening up more opportunities for homes outside the Twin Cities region to be on the tour.

Our featured house is nestled tightly within Minneapolis for the Homes by Architects Tour 2020. The house was built in 1910 for EL Powers and featured stunning terra-cotta decorations, art glass panels, and intricate wood designs. However, its kitchen had been modified in a manner that did not reflect the original splendor of the house. The muddled design wasn’t functional nor aesthetically pleasing.

Our team transformed it to match the original pedigree of the house. The new design showcases new casework and millwork inspired by original pieces in the house, custom-made/designed light fixtures, and red birch wood throughout. Some original elements were left mostly untouched, including most of the original plaster, the maple floors, and dark-stained doors.

You can get more information about the tour, including ticket prices, at the Homes by Architects Tour 2020 website. We hope to “see” you at the tour!